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A Cool V New Jersey Minute


We are bred to survive in only a fraudulent space where critical reflection is criminal. True love is a poisonous repellent and therapy is a death sentence. Sincerity becomes foreign, and our existence so uncomfortable, we struggle with acceptance. The barricuda in us celebrates bondage, has reservations about adulation and no knowledge of how to receive a gift. We are socialized to view one another as disposable and to forget. Erase your memories because they have no value unless acknowledged by the dominate society, but I refuse.

There are individuals that come along and enhance who you are; I will not allow any of my inadequacies to dictate my recognition of them. The Symphony is a celebration of people that have positively affected me. When life is unbearable, recalling valuable memories stabilizes pain, giving you the power to keep pushing. This I pray is the reassurance my Artifaction 18 needs to know I truly acknowledge the importance of them in my life.

Yours Truly,
Cut Master Cool V

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