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"Order Today" The Symphony 2

“The Symphony 2” is a continuation of the celebration of eighteen more people who have positively affected me, individuals instrumental in the production of my life’s album. Each has provided me with a unique personal song. I pray this text and pictorial history is the reassurance my “Artifaction Eighteen” needs to know I cherish the time we’ve shared

*Order Today* DJ Cool V Never Sleeps

DJ Cool V opens up about the good, bad and ugly behind the making of the landmark album Biz Never Sleeps. The book also includes bonus treats for true Hip Hop fans all over the world.  

*ORDER LIMITED EDITION* Street Sign and Book Signing Pictorial Commemorative Book

Enjoy the the 2016 celebrations of DJ Cool V through pictures.  This is a 94 - page book that tells the story of the unveiling Cool V's street sign in Elizabeth, NJ and the book signing celebration of the Symphony.  There is so much passion and emotion for this mission in every picture that has been taken.  This book is just a start of the compilation of pictures.  With the hopes of having a series of books in the future, this is the first edition hitting on the high points on the first year of Cool V's partnership with the Hip Hop Hands Foundation.

Commemorative Book Only Available in Bundled Packages!

There will only be 100 copies created, so get yours today!